Dr. Koen Depuydt

Plastic Surgeon

aesthetic and

The name "PLASTIC ART" is not a flashing sign or an eye-catching way to arouse curiosity. First and foremost, we want to welcome visitors, make their acquaintance and then clearly explain what drives us and which type of ethical and people-oriented interpretation we want to give to plastic surgery.

Art immerses itself in balance and imbalances, focuses on longing and loss, explains extremes and interprets dreams, responds to ideals and imperfections. Our work is deeply grounded in respect for people, their body and their way of thinking. Like art, we explore the interaction between shape and feeling, how the body is closely interconnected with the physical and psychological experience.

Hence, we view our relationship with the patient as open and transparent, one which – like art – brings underlying reasons and motives to the surface. Plastic surgery is more than just repairing damage or making corrections to satisfy physical needs or wishes. Together, we look for the right question and the right answer. A surgical procedure should not be the final goal, but instead should be a shared journey on the way to regaining harmony between body and happiness!

So, please feel welcome to get acquainted.

Dr. Koen Depuydt

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